Even More Additions to the Film Catalog

We’ve just acquired even more great French, Italian, and Spanish language titles. Check out the detailed list below.


New Films List:

  • 8½ (1963)
  • Vincere (2009)
  • Pane Amaro (2009)
  • Roma città aperta (1945)
  • Paisan (1946)
  • Germania, anno zero (1948)
  • Blaise Pascal (1972)
  • The Age of Medici (1972)
  • Cartesius (1974)
  • La Strada (1954) [Not Pictured]
  • Intouchables (2011)
  • Les quatre cents coups (1959)
  • L’Age d’Or / Un Chien Andalou (1930 / 1929)
  • El Quijote (1990)
  • No (2012)
  • Pedro Páramo (1967)
  • Átame (1989)
  • El laberinto del fauno (2006) [Not Pictured]



New Films Added to the Catalog!


Eight new films have been added to the catalog. You’ll find the list of films below. There are more new additions coming soon.

  • El lápiz del carpintero (2003)
  • Como agua para chocolate (1992)
  • Amores perros (2000)
  • El verdugo (1963)
  • Il Postino (1994)
  • La vita è bella (1997)
  • Cinema Paradiso (1988)
  • Le chiavi di casa (2004)



New Wireless Speakers available for checkout

The LRC just added a set of Wireless Bluetooth speakers to our equipment available for checkout. You can connect these speakers to your smart phone, tablet, or laptop through bluetooth. If you do not have these capabilities, no worries. The speakers are equipped with an auxiliary cable to connect to your device in a more traditional way. The speakers are available now in Dey 109.

wireless speaker

Publications Panel Video

In case you weren’t able to attend, I’ve posted here the Publication Panel that took place on October 3rd. Enjoy!

New Quick Guides for Sakai

In our Tutorials & Docs page, we have added several Quick Guides that will help with setting up and customizing your Sakai Course Sites.

Help with Java issues for MSL

Pearson has recently created a PDF help guide to fix Java issues some were having with MSL. You can find the file in our Tutorials & Docs link or you can check it out below. Have a great week!


Java Update Instructions MSL Fall 2013

ROML profile photos

If you are having trouble finding that perfect photo of yourself for your ROML online profile page, fear not! Our very own James Hayden is offering professional-quality headshots for anyone from 2:30-3:30PM. His office is in Dey 110 if you are interested.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

MSL issue with Macs: Wimba Voice

If you are having any trouble making recordings or playing audio on MSL and you 1. have a Mac and 2. are using Safari, here’s a document that will help resolve the issue!

MSL Quick Guide – Recording and Audio Playback on Mac

Shock Lesson 2013

Below you will find the recording of the Shock Lesson during ROML Orientation. Dr. Kyung Huer gave new instructors a great lesson in Korean. Enjoy!


SPAN 203 Panel Recordings Available

If you are teaching SPAN 203, check out the panel discussions on 4 important topics. There are two ways to access the videos. They are located in the “Instructor Videos” section of LRC Videos. Also Or you can simply go to the new “SPAN 203 Panels” page in the Tutorials and Docs section of our site.